The Rain City Riptide: A Fresh Idea for Seattle’s NHL Team


Riptide logo conceptThe Rain City Riptide: A Fresh Idea for Seattle’s NHL Team

A Guest Piece by Herbie Sisson

Let me tell you why I think the Seattle  National Hockey League (NHL) team should be called the  Riptide or “Rippers” for short. We have all heard the Totems, Sockeye and Mets thrown out as possible team names for the 2020 NHL expansion team but the Riptide is a fresh take, and I endorse it.

Seattle can be a tough town, with winters full of cold dark days and rain. The Puget Sound or the Salish Sea borders the west side of the city and can be a freezing and dangerous waterway. The unpredictable and treacherous currents known as “Riptides” are a constant in these waters and newcomers that aren’t used to them should surely beware, or else they may fall victim to one of the “Rippers.”  It would be great for the Seattle team to become feared so opposing teams will always fear the “Rippers” when they come to town, giving Seattle a real home-ice advantage.

With all the talk of a new name, I say why not break the trend. Instead of Seattle we go by “Rain City” and be the “Rain City Rippers.” The alliteration that the name creates seems to roll off the tongue with ease.  In the end, whatever name is selected will be what we will be cheering for going forward, but I would be remiss if I didn’t give my thoughts on the way to bring excitement and intrigue with the NHL when Seattle gets it their first franchise.


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Herbie Sisson is a long time resident of Orcas Island. He has had a lifetime passion for sports and that shows in his in-depth commentary on hockey and football across several platforms. Sisson strives to produce in-depth sports content across several platforms.



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