The Western Hockey League to go with a 68 Game Schedule for the 18-19 Season

Calgary, Alberta – The Western Hockey (WHL) has just announced that the 2018-2019 Season will be shortened to 68 games, four less than any previous WHL season.  The move comes with the attempt to lessen team budgets for arenas and travel while allowing players to focus on training, development and their academic studies.  Players will now be able to spend more time in their classrooms as the league has dramatically reduced the weekday games.  The WHL will play just 98 Wednesday games in 2018-19 as opposed to  128  in 2018-19. The league will also lesson new weekday games to 188 in 2018-19 (49 fewer than in 2017-18)The regular season for the WHL starts September 21st and ends  March 17.

The WHL has been a premier league in the CHL and serves as a Major Junior staple. The association is well known for its professional ran organizations that play in pro-like arenas across the Western United States and Canada. Players from the WHL are drafted annually to the National Hockey League and come well developed to continue on their hockey careers at the professional levels. Only time will tell how the shortened season will affect the WHL, the teams, and players in the long run.




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